PL-300 Microsoft Certified Power BI Data Analyst
About Lesson
  • PL-300 Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst course is business intelligence professionals seeking to elevate their data analysis and visualization expertise.
  • To develop proficiency in utilizing the Power BI tool for data analysis.
  • This course caters to data scientists who seek to leverage Power BI to craft impactful and engaging data visualizations.
  • The instructor-led course intends for IT professionals interested in acquiring the skills to build data models and dashboards utilizing Power BI.
  • Microsoft PL 300 certification course aims at project managers who wish to enhance their comprehension of data analysis and visualization techniques, enabling them to manage projects with a data-driven approach effectively
  • PL-300 power bi course welcomes individuals curious to expand their knowledge of data analysis and visualization, regardless of their background or prior experience.
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