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Refund Policy

Fee Refund/ Cancel Policy

You have the rights to get a full refund of your purchase in the following cases:

  1. In 2 (two) days term after receiving the product provided that the product has not been activated and/or used by you.
  2. The right to update/withdraw/amend the price of any product or service at any time is reserved by us. We do not need to give any prior notice to it. All prices given at the Website are mostly correct, but there are possibilities of error. In case any error occurs then all transactions regarding to it will be voided by us and full refund will be made.
  3. We reserve the right to update, withdraw or modify any services and products that we offer, or to change their prices at any time without prior explanation or notification. Though we put in more of an effort to make prices always actual and correct, in case of any mistake, any transaction of such kind will be canceled by us, and the User will be entitled to a full refund.

The refund request may be rejected in the following cases:

  1. If the product(s) was activated and/or used by you before the refund was requested, the refund request may be rejected.
  2. Customers who purchase and refund multiple products over an extended period may be subject to suspension for abuse of the Refund Policy.
  3. You can quickly request a refund by contacting our Support Team.
  4. You need to share our purchase order number, the name and detailed information of the purchased product.

You may request for a refund after payment has been made for non-used subscription, but please be advised that We reserve the right to decline your refund request if We see any usage activity in your account.


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